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@DrLauraVSH Apr 26, 19:50

Anxiety and depression are the primary concerns for students seeking counseling services

@DrLauraVSH Apr 25, 20:26

Is Computer-Assisted Cognitive Therapy a Viable Solution for Cognitive Therapy’s Dissemination Problems?

@DrLauraVSH Apr 25, 16:40

Cold Symptoms Feel Worse When People Feel Lonely via @APA

@DrLauraVSH Apr 24, 22:40

Would you talk to a doctor via teleconference for a faster trip through the ER? via @WSJ

@APA Apr 24, 22:03

The latest peer-reviewed research, from the April @APA_Monitor: resting brain, pot-smoking trends, MOOCs and more

@drshaneowens Apr 24, 22:01

Better health requires behavior change & those with evidence-based ways to make that happen #CBTworks #psychforward

@DrLauraVSH Apr 22, 22:40

Embrace the day.

@DrLauraVSH Apr 21, 20:45

Permanent Decisions and Temporary Feelings-Live Life With Meaning Newsletter April 2017 via #constantcontact

@DrLauraVSH Apr 20, 22:40

#Anxiety is temporary. Don't let it ruin your life.

@DrLauraVSH Apr 19, 16:20

Anxiety and depression are the primary concerns for students seeking counseling services

@DrLauraVSH Apr 18, 22:01

Adding Follow-Up Calls To Anxiety Care Improved Treatment Outcomes In New Study

@DrLauraVSH Apr 17, 21:10

What 'This Is Us' got right about panic attacks — and what you should know via @TODAYshow

@sambmd Apr 17, 20:41

aaand we're back, it's Monday again. Here are 5 ways to prevent getting stuck in a rut this week…

@drshaneowens Apr 17, 20:39

Most students who seek campus mental health help are suffering from anxiety problems #collegemh #CBTworks

@DrLauraVSH Apr 16, 22:45

Resources for resilience, changing habits, and being successful in college are available- instant access.

@DrLauraVSH Apr 15, 22:01

Assess the worst case scenario and then face your fear. You may be able to tolerate more than you think.

@DrLauraVSH Apr 14, 20:35

What Are the Three Key Ingredients of a Good Day? via @sambmd

@DrLauraVSH Apr 13, 20:30

Anxiety Won’t Kill You

@DrLauraVSH Apr 12, 20:01

How to Take the Power Back from Intrusive Thought OCD

@DrLauraVSH Apr 11, 22:20

“You don’t have to control your thoughts. You just have to stop letting them control you.” ~Dan Millman

@DrLauraVSH Apr 11, 22:20

Therapy is available online to effectively treat #anxietydisorders. Free phone consultations.

@DrLauraVSH Apr 10, 22:20

The store is open! Learn how to change a habit, succeed in college, or to teach resilience.

@drshaneowens Apr 10, 16:36

More resources for college mental health matter only if they are utilized appropriately #collegemh #higheredpolicy

@sciencebeta Apr 10, 16:35

Study reveals how learning in the present shapes future learning

@DrLauraVSH Apr 08, 15:15

Interested in Cognitive-behavioral therapy? This ebook will help you understand the benefits and how it is used.

@DrLauraVSH Apr 07, 22:15

How Depression and Anxiety Go Hand-in-Hand | Wellness | US News

@DrLauraVSH Apr 06, 22:10

Mobile App Interventions Can Effectively Change Pediatric Health Outcomes via @AJMC_Journal

@DrLauraVSH Apr 05, 21:20

Telehealth Trends: Telemental Health, Direct-to-Consumer Care

@DrLauraVSH Apr 04, 18:25

Upstate New Yorkers Beginning to Favor Telemedicine Services

@DrLauraVSH Apr 03, 22:55

Hold That Pose: Yoga May Ease Tough Depression

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