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@DrLauraVSH Jun 24, 21:30

Suffering from #insomnia? CBT-I is an effective brief treatment program.

@DrLauraVSH Jun 23, 21:25

Treating anxiety in children wit CBT.

@DrLauraVSH Jun 22, 21:10

The Three Types of Complaining | Psychology Today

@drshaneowens Jun 22, 03:43

Phone-based cognitive behavior therapy for back pain found non-inferior to in-person #CBTworks #psychforward

@DrLauraVSH Jun 21, 21:05

The Two Words That Can Transform Your Parenting via @HelloParentCo

@DrLauraVSH Jun 20, 21:20

Family Support Reduces College Students’ Loneliness, Risk of Suicide

@DrLauraVSH Jun 19, 21:45

Preparing ‘Emerging Adults’ for College and Beyond

@DrLauraVSH Jun 19, 19:41

This is so powerful. Please take a few moments to watch.

@sambmd Jun 19, 19:37

Get ahead this week with these five data-driven ways to enhance your ability to concentrate:…

@drshaneowens Jun 19, 19:36

Interesting results from study of @reddit posts from students at top colleges #collegemh #higheredpolicy

@DrLauraVSH Jun 17, 21:30

Online treatment for #anxiety, #panic, and #OCD.

@DrLauraVSH Jun 16, 17:35

Savoring Walk Practice

@DrLauraVSH Jun 15, 21:20

Feeling anxious? Use this strategy to help you calm down via @TODAYshow

@DrLauraVSH Jun 14, 21:35

Can You See Things Differently? Live Life With Meaning Newsletter June 2017 via #constantcontact

@DrLauraVSH Jun 13, 23:15

Why Putting Down Your Phone Is Not Enough via @sambmd

@DrLauraVSH Jun 12, 19:30

CBO Greenlights Telehealth Provisions in Senate’s CHRONIC Care Act

@APA Jun 12, 18:42

Did you know that the creator of Wonder Woman was a psychologist?

@QueensMovingBox Jun 12, 18:41

The latest The Queens Realtor! Thanks to @DrLauraVSH @ItsInQueens @KurtWells1 #architecture #wwdc

@APA Jun 12, 18:41

While mediation helps many, new research suggests experiences vary; may not all be positive

@DrLauraVSH Jun 10, 15:30

Read on any device- learn how to deal with life's ups and downs.

@DrLauraVSH Jun 09, 22:35


@DrLauraVSH Jun 08, 21:45

Don't Let A Single Story Define You: Rewriting Your Past via @sambmd

@DrLauraVSH Jun 07, 22:35

Is Too Much Self-Care Bad For You? via @sambmd

@DrLauraVSH Jun 06, 22:50

A kid-friendly way to teach resilience and how to manage sadness.

@drshaneowens Jun 05, 23:16

It only _seems_ constant. Know how to talk to your kids about the #LondonAttacks #psychforward

@sambmd Jun 05, 23:15

It is said that the one real goal of education is to leave a person asking questions...

@drshaneowens Jun 05, 23:15

Physical boundaries for tech use are a good idea for everyone, especially teens #parenting #collegemh

@DrLauraVSH Jun 05, 22:50

THINK before you speak.

@DrLauraVSH Jun 05, 21:05

Anxiety: There is an app for that. A systematic review of anxiety apps.

@DrLauraVSH Jun 03, 22:50

Free #anxiety resources

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